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Seit 1992!

Night of the Tiger in Malaysia

The "Night of The Tiger" was a fantastic Muay Thai event, that was hold in Kulim near Peneng in Malaysia. Eight explosive fights plus a Super 4 tournament delighted the malaien public, the atmospher was passionate, the hall nearly sold out. Asia fought against Europe, fighters from Germany, France and Russia. The european fighters, that were coached by Thaddaus Sienczak did their best, but lost against the asians. The Super 4 Final was between the French Muhamed Larabi fighting for Sportschule Asia Ratingen Düsseldorf and the Thai Bow Suweilek. The winner was Bow, after a dramatic three round bout. But it was a unforgetable experience us, for the europeans. We want to thank Zahari Ahmad Razali for being wunderful hosts to us all; we have made new friends!!!


The results


Super 4, 1st Semifinal:

Bow Suweilek won points against Jerson Constantino

Super 4, 2nd Semifinal:

Larabi Mohamed won by KO against Anes Lakhmari

Children under 12:

Micky Kedah Warrios won by points against Angah Tiger

Super Fight:

Conrado Furlan beat Hafiz Kuda Kepang, by KO (Round 2)

Firdaus Mat Nor beat Weldamer Fell, by KO (Round 3)

Firdaus Janai Nak Muay beat Rung Langu, by KO (Round 3)

Faizal Golden Elbow beat Avaz Achilov. by points

Final Super 4:

Bow Suweilek beat Larabi Mohamed 

Muay Thai in Malaysia mit Thaddäus Sienczak  von der Sportschule asia Ratingen Düsseldorf als Coach der europäischen Auswahl











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